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Race for star wars in new package…again

US President Donald Trump announced a sweeping new space policy on Monday that will focus both on reducing satellite clutter in space as well as creating a specific “Space Force” as the newest branch of the military.
“It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space,” said Trump, saying that he wished to revive the US’ flagging space program that has been bogged down by rising costs and a lack of political will.
Trump said he does not want “China and Russia and other countries leading us.”

This announcement has taken the entire world by surprise. Though it’s always become a routine feature of unusual steps by American president, but has it again taken the world back to “Star war” era? Be it announcement of erecting wall along Mexico borders or change in immigrants and visa rules.
Where does their program stand?

Is this program new? Has it been suddenly announced? NO, but there’s is more to it which is to be seen in days to come

Whats the AI?

The Artificial Intelligence can be defined as

  • From Wikipedia
    • In computer science, AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.

      Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

  •  AI cannot and will never be replacing the HI
    • There are many aspects of everyday life that cannot be performed by machine that has been trained to think like human. The fine “human touch” to fine tune the functioning, control, adjustments, quantitative and qualitative assessments and feedback  require the human interface to measure them accurately.
    • The FUD being propagated that millions of job will be lost is not entirely justified.
    • Automation process is also being controlled by human being at the helm of affairs.


  • Whats the need of hour?

…. upgrade your skills as the technology advances,

manual and labour intensive tasks , as well as unskilled , will be lost to robots and preprogammed bots.

HI(human Intelligence) has no limitations and its evolved with times because of its ability to learn, adept and adapt to changing environment



Boon for Industry, Researchers and Cryptographers

At the annual technical conference on 19 March 2018, Think 2018, IBM unveiled the smallest computer  as on date, which is about one square mm in size.This is still in research stage and dates for its availability are yet to be disclosed.

As per the IBM sources “Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices.”

it has actually opened up the opportunities for IoT proliferation as these devices are supposed to be embedded with tiny yet powerful chips, that are invisible at the same time remain connected to give total and complete control to the user. The smaller size also transforms in lesser power consumption and smaller thermal signatures.

It will also be a boon for Blockchain applications and these miniature computer’s computing  power also makes them darling of cryptocurrency  enthusiasts.


IBM holds the distinction of making  world’s first personal computer back in 1981.

source: internet


IBM has nearly halved the earlier record set  by Michigan Micro Mot with a size of 2 square mm. Another aspects that’s going to make popular with masses is the size of a grain and also the minimalist cost of production being project as of no ..mere 10 cents (less than INR 10).


  • IoT
  • Logistics security…
    • Track the shipment of good,
    • Detect theft,
    • fraud, and
    • non-compliance…. and maybe IPR protection
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • cryptography for bulk computing and decryption
  • AI

Just watch the video

So, the future is bright, beautiful and tiny.

Happy hunting





  1. Blockchain   New era of information technology has arrived. Is presence can felt on the cyber domain. In last one decade, the new technologies and their advancement has defied all logic. It’s been a great twentieth century, wherein we got engrossed in Bitcoins, and underlying technology of Blockchain.
  2. Then AI got our attention…. as Google has to withdraw its prototype once the robots started using their own language..(wasn’t that what we wanted.. Robots to think and do our job smartly), But it scared us. Again fear of unknown.
  3. IOT, the Internet of (every)Thing, got the stalwarts of cloud computing and automation go gaga over it and many new opportunities were realized as it gained popularity .
  4. The mysterious black particle that united the scientists and researchers together to get hold of this elusive super particle to solve the mysteries of universe
  1. Of late, everyone related to encryption and cyber security, as well as companies selling products that use encryption algorithms are smitten by the Quantum Computing. Its being perceived as the threat to encryption, as the phenomenal  computational power will break any encryption by breaking the encoding keys. Though theoretically its possible and the QC is still in its in nascent stage ..its already grabbing enough support worldwide.

_*Wall Street’s watchdog fails to follow its own counsel on disclosing cyberattacks*_
* “Edgar is the equivalent of Fort Knox for sensitive corporate filings before they are released publicly. It is a gold vault for insider traders,” 
* The system that was breached, known as Edgar, serves as a clearinghouse for the public filings that companies must make to the agency, including reports on periodic financial results and newsworthy developments.
Source: WSJ

New demand of ransomware.. *Send me ten naked pics of your.. We will verify and then unlock files.* strange twist in tale of ransomware.. Read more about this interesting news, the victim is also asked to create a ProtonMail account..

Human factor: Weakest Link!

  • It has been always been a strong point of debate  whenever it is discussed for implementation of Cyber Security..  Who is the Weakest Link? Identification has never been difficult for Security team and they  have be univocally supported by both, Executives and /management…THE USER.
  • The User.. is known by many other names
    • Client
    • End user
    • field agents
    • office staff
    • non developers
  • Since ages the human link is taken as “Weakest Link” in security be it Physical or now “Cyber”.
  • However This fact has been overlooked more often that not that very same “HUMAN” factor is major contributor in implementing the ROBUST SECUTIY ARCHITECTURE.
  • Awareness : What Lets one down is the “Lack Of Awareness Training”..The basics are forgotten..what is the main factor to plug this?.. Create Awareness… How? Training is the best way of creating awareness.
    • It can be integral part of appraisals process.
    • Divide into various levels of training
      • Beginners ..for freshers and new recruits
      • Middle level…for those having completed some time in the company and those who are due for appraisal
      • Advanced and Refresher courses… At the time of change of any major policy or revision as well as on introduction of new equipment
  • Thus we can say its always the Onus on the Security Professionals as well as the Management
  • A detailed study carried out by eforensics magazine highlights such issues

Reputed antivirus testing house AV-Test has released the latest results of the best antivirus software for Windows.

AV-Test is one of the leading antivirus testing firms and it has released its antivirus ratings for the Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs. The test has assessed about 27 anti-malware software suits on the basis of protection, usability, and performance

Source: Here’s the Best Antivirus Software for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 PCs

One Stop Portal for Information Security and Cyber Security Awareness

Millions of US voter accounts exposed with sensitive data.

Researcher Chris Vickery, uncovered this database which was left open for everyone to access. In his conversation with Forbes, he says he got access to almost 300GB of voter data including names, home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, party affiliations, and logs of whether or not they had voted in primary or general elections. However, this database does not contain any financial information or any information related to social security number.

Chris Vickery, after discovering the open database, verified the authenticity of it by looking up for his own information in the database table and also looking up for the information about the several police officers in his city of Texas. Just to reverify after not believing himself, he put in his parents name and to his surprise, it was there in the database with a flash of seconds.

Also read: Man Hires “Hacker” to Erase $16,000 Fine, Actually Hires Undercover Cop and Goes to Prison

Later to verify the company which is responsible for the setting up digital campaigns for the political parties, Vickery chased NationBuilder believing that certain markers in the database pointed to a NationBuilder-designed database. However, A NationBuilder spokesperson denied by saying that the IP address linked to the leaked database was not one of theirs, and the IP address was not related to any of their hosted clients.

Well, it could then be a non-hosted NationBuilder customer, responsible for the misconfiguration. The provider’s CEO Jim Gilliam said,

“It is possible that some of the information it contains may have come from data we make available for free to campaigns. From what we’ve seen, the voter information included is already publicly available from each state government so no new or private information was released in this database. We strongly believe in making voter information more accessible to political campaigns and advocacy groups, so we provide cleaned versions of that publicly accessible information to them for free.”

As of now no one has taken the responsibility for the leak. The FBI New York field office and Internet Crime Complaint Center were contacted and Vickery too.

A password-cracking expert has created a new computer cluster that cycles about 350 billion guesses per second to crack any Windows PC password.

This beast was created using:

  • Five 4U servers
  • 25 AMD Radeon GPUs
    • 10x HD 7970
    • 4x HD 5970 (dual GPU)
    • 3x HD 6990 (dual GPU)
    • 1x HD 5870
  • 4x SDR Infiniband interconnect
  • 7kW of electricity

Source: This Computer Cluster Cracks Every Windows Password in 5.5-hours or Less

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